Laura Baboolal, Caribbean Coordinator

Laura is an ecologist with a special interest in mammals and birds. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in environmental and conservation science from the University of the West Indies where she studied the crab-eating raccoon in Caroni Swamp, Trinidad. She has years of experience conducting environmental assessments and gathering ecological data.

Laura is currently the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) Caribbean Coordinator for the Environment of the Americas organization. She works with fellow environmental educators throughout the region to educate local people about the birds that migrate to the Caribbean and their importance and why we should protect them. 

Leticia Andino, Central America Coordinator

Salvadoran biologist, with a master’s degree in Tropical Forest Management and Conservation and Biodiversity. Leticia has worked on the study and observation of birds in El Salvador since 2003. She is certified as a bird banding trainer by the North American Banding Council (NABC) of the United States. She is very interested in environmental education focused on avian conservation, ecosystem services management, and conservation of natural resources.

Currently, she works as an independent consultant and coordinates activities for World Migratory Bird Day in El Salvador and other Central American countries.

Miguel Matta, Latin America Coordinator

Miguel is a Biologist who graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela. He is a bird bander and researcher studying migratory birds of Portachuelo Pass and Venezuela. His interest in ornithology started when he was 15 and led him to become part of Venezuela’s Phelps Ornithological Collection and is the Ornithology Curator of the National Museum of Natural Science of Venezuela. Miguel is the Latin America Coordinador for EFTA and works to motivate, connect and promote bird conservation actions across Latin American countries.

Daniela Souza, Mexico Coordinator

Since she was young, Daniela has embraced her love for birds, animals, and nature. She dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when she grew up, hoping to contribute to the wellbeing of the local birds and animals. 

Daniela’s passion for birds eventually led her to collaborate with Programa de Aves Urbanas (PAU), directed by the National Commission for the Knowledge and use of Biodiversity (CONBIO) in Mexico. There she contributes to different projects that work for the urban bird ecology and conservation. She also plays a crucial role in World Migratory Bird Day as our Mexico Coordinator.

Chu-Yu, Graphic Designer

Just as a Scarlet Macaw adds color and beauty to its environment, Chu-Yu spends her days beautifying the materials Environment For The Americas produces. She believes that design is an essential component of our environment—and our lives. Her degree in Applied Science Graphic Design helps her actualize the team’s ideas to EFTA’s education, communication, and outreach materials. These materials are crucial for World Migratory Bird Day. 

Daisy Debelle, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

A Ph.D. geographer, Daisy has studied natural and cultural heritage in France and China. After moving to Boulder in 2017, she has worked for two local non-profits. With the BoulderENOFF film festival, Daisy raised awareness on climate change and wildlife conservation. She was also involved with Mad Agriculture to help farmers turn to more regenerative agriculture. She has experience working with wildlife, from internships at the Natural History Museum of Paris during her childhood to prairie dog surveys with the City of Boulder more recently. She is now using her experiences to develop new marketing strategies and partnerships.

Alex Drost, Communications Manager

Alex is a writer, editor, and creative collaborator. With a unique mix of creative writing and studio arts knowledge developed at CU Boulder, Alex has cultivated a true passion for storytelling. Now holding a master’s degree in professional writing, he is dedicated to the arts, cultural preservation, climate advocacy, and animal rights. Their work has been published in numerous magazines and journals. Believing in the transformative power of stories, Alex strives to contribute to migratory bird conservation and diversity in conservation efforts, to create a more connected global community.