Recommended Activities


Host a bird walk and introduce information about the importance of water to birds. We offer all of the details you need with our education materials. Some facts you might want to share include:

  •  Water that falls to the earth supports plants that birds need
  • A leaky faucet can drip up to 3,000 gallons of water per year
  • Most of earth’s water is salt water and is found in oceans and saline lakes
  • Most fresh water found in glaciers, lakes, ponds, and streams is in the form of ice
Remember! We have all of the materials you need in our SHOP and in our Resource Library. 


 Share simple ways that your event visitors can help conserve water. Create a table that includes low water use faucets and shower heads and don’t forget the toilet! Include in your discussion the importance of turning off the tap while brushing teeth and other daily activities. 


Get wet! Offer hands-on activities to explore the plants and organisms that live in the water and provide the food many birds need to survive. Bring small nets, magnifying lenses, and some bowls for your samples, so that everyone can have a close-up look. Expand your discussion to include which birds eat the insects that develop in water or the plants that grow in ponds and lakes.