Past World Migratory Bird Day Conservation Themes and Artists

2023: Water sustaining Bird Life



Artist: Augusto Silva


2022: Dim the lights for birds at night 



ARTIST: Omar custodio

2021: Sing, Fly, Soar – Like Bird 



Artist: Sara Wolman

2020: Birds Connect Our World 



Artist: Sherrie York

2019: Protect Birds – Be The Solution to Plastic Pollution 


Artist: Arnaldo Toledo

2018: Year of the Bird – 365 Days of Bird Conservation

Artists: Paula Andrea Romero and Emmanuel Laverde

2017: Stopover Sites – Helping Birds Along the Way 


Artist: Rocio Landivar

2016: Spread Your Wings For Bird Conservation



Artist: Lionel Worrell

2015: Restore Habitat, Restore Birds 

Artist: Amelia Hansen

2014: Why Birds Matter



Artist: Elias St. Louis

2013: Life Cycles of Migratory Birds – Conservation Across the Americas

Artist: Barry Kent Mackay

 2012: Connecting People to Bird Conservation 

Artist: Rafael Lopez

2011: Go Wild, Go Birding 

Artist: John Muir Laws

2010: The Power of Partnerships in Bird Conservation

Artist: Bob Petty

2009: Celebrate Birds in Culture

Artist: Andy Everson

2008: Tundra to Tropics – Connecting Birds, Habitats, and People

Artist: Eleazar Saenz

2007: Birds in a Changing Climate

Artist: Louise Zemaitis

2006: The Boreal Forest, Bird Nursery of the North

Artist: Radeaux

2005: Collisions – Clearing the Way for Birds

Artist: David Sibley

2004: Conserving Colonial Birds

Artist: Ram Papish

2003: Catalysts for Conservation

Artist: Gerald Sneed 

2002: Exploring Habitats – Special Places for Birds

Artist: Charley Harper 

2001: Taste of the Tropics – Shade-Grown Coffee

Artist: Terry Isaac

2000: Focus on the Falcon

Artist: Roger Tory Peterson

1999: Wetland Diversity

Artist: Carol Decker