How Can I Participate?

Anyone can participate in World Migratory Bird Day! Here are a few ways that you can celebrate with us in 2024:

  • Visit an event! Hundreds of World Migratory Bird Day events and activities take place throughout the year. Check our global event map to see what’s happening near you.

  • Host an event! No events in your area? Start your own! World Migratory Bird Day events range from bird walks to painting competitions. Get creative and click here to register your event.

  • Gear up! We offer a wealth of resources—from coloring pages and stickers to posters and other educational materials—to help you celebrate World MigratoryBird Day. Go to our resource page and visit our shop to get started.

  • Follow, like, and share! See our social media packet and follow our pages for tips and facts about light pollution and migratory birds. Share these messages through social media and other outlets to increase awareness of this important issue.

  • Keep in touch! Sign up to receive weekly updates about World Migratory Bird Day and other news items related to birds and conservation.