The long journeys that migratory birds take each year are truly fantastic. These birds, like our endemics and residents, are part of the Caribbean’s natural heritage and it is up to us to conserve the habitats they need to feed and rest during winter or their long migrations. The regional nonprofit, BirdsCaribbean, promotes education, awareness and monitoring of migratory birds through several different programs, including celebration of WMBD. We encourage everyone in the Caribbean to join in a local celebration of WMBD. WMBD is officially celebrated on the second Saturday in October in the Caribbean (this year October 13th), but you can celebrate anytime in the fall that is convenient for you. In 2018, the theme is “Year of the Bird.To learn more, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@BirdsCaribbean). If you would like to organize an event in your Caribbean island, contact Sheylda Diaz-Mendez, Regional Coordinator ([email protected]Environmentamericas.Org)


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