The colder months are coming, and feeding birds is just as important as it was in the hotter months. Your home can still be visited by numerous species of birds the next few months. Bird feeding in the winter is different than in the summer. Having the correct bird feeder and food is vital in providing sufficient nutrients for feathered friends that fly to your yard. Having a bird feeder that is covered is especially important in the coming winter to keep the snow and ice away. It is best to place a bird feeder in an area that is less affected by severe winds. Natural food sources are not as abundant in the winter months so more birds will gravitate to your feeders, which is why it is so important to keep them clean. Cleaning your feeders properly will minimize mold and other unhealthy factors that can result in bird diseases and death. When it comes to food there are many types you can chose from, but the best kinds of food to put out in the winter have a high fat content that will provide lots of energy for birds, such as suet.

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