Important Bird Areas, or IBAs, are places which have been identified as being important to birds and their conservation.  IBAs have been identified in the U.S. by the National Audubon Society and American Bird Conservancy, and elsewhere in the world by BirdLife International and its in-country partners.  Sites are identified based on standardized criteria for the importance of an area to bird populations at various levels (global, continental, state), such as for endangered and threatened species, rare or unique habitats, range- and biome-restricted species, congregations, and other criteria.  Once sites have been identified, local partners help to promote and protect these areas to maintain their value for birds.  Collectively, these IBAs represent a broad network of habitats that support birds during migration, breeding, and wintering periods.  Search for IBAs near you in the U.S. at, and internationally at  Then go visit your nearby IBAs and see if there is a need for volunteers to help protect them!


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