Water is life, a gift of the clouds.  Whether we think of water this time of year as being stored as snow–which skiers celebrate, or stored in aquifers or municipal reservoirs–which communities depend on, or in rivers, lakes, or along coasts–which boaters and fishermen look forward to enjoying come spring, it is important to remember that water is a precious resource for all living things, including birds, and not just an asset or commodity for humans.  When thinking of water, one must think of watersheds.  From the ridges down through the forest and streams to the ocean, watersheds can be either protected or damaged by people’s actions.  Learn where your water comes from, and what activities are occurring in your watershed which may negatively impact it for all water users.  And make it a daily practice to lower your water usage, so more is available for others including wildlife.  To help you monitor your usage, check with your local sustainability office, water district or utility to see if they can provide a metering app.  It is also important to monitor what is going on with legislation related to water supplies and water quality, from the local to the national level.  Speak up about rules to protect clean water!


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