Why is it that migratory birds capture our imagination so?  Is it the mystery of why and how they migrate, or what our imagination tries to create about their journey or the realities on the ground where they end up?  Even for ornithologists who study the science of migration, it is still an amazing phenomenon that drives us to want to see more and learn more.  Today with the plethora of tracking technology available, such as geolocators, archival GPS tags, and radio telemetry (https://motus.org/), we are able to “follow” along with the birds as they make their way to their wintering grounds.  This can make for a visually “mesmerizing” capture of data, such as displayed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (https://www.allaboutbirds.org/mesmerizing-migration-watch-118-bird-species-migrate-across-a-map-of-the-western-hemisphere/), which allows you to see where the birds are when.  Once you learn where the birds in your backyard go, you will realize they are more “their” birds than “your” birds…but, really, they are our shared birds, and therefore our shared responsibility!


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