Species and ecological systems face continued pressure from a variety of inter-related threats, including expanding urbanization, habitat degradation, climate change, and others. As threats to biodiversity continue, DoD could find its installations shouldering more conservation responsibility in the future. The objectives of this project, funded by the DoD Natural Resources Legacy Program, were to analyze current and potential future threats to three ecological systems and five species-at-risk (SAR) on three DoD installations in Colorado. This webinar will focus on the pinyon-juniper system and implications of climate change on component species within this system. Information presented will help managers better understand how to anticipate potential future management issues related to pinyon-juniper forests and woodlands, and how to develop strategies for long-term conservation of this important system.

Thursday, October 25, 2018 (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET)

To join the webinar, go to: https://dodnatres.adobeconnect.com/webinarseries/

Conference Number: 1-877-885-1087

Participant Code: 713-286-7186

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Adobe Connect has a maximum attendance capacity of 100 users. We advise users in the same office building to attend as a group to ensure as many users can join this webinar as possible. If you are unable to join the webinar, we will post a recording on the NR Program web portal at: http://www.dodnaturalresources.net/Webinar-Series.html


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