..in [this] infernal soil nothing but that fag-end of vegetable creation, “sage-brush,” ventures to grow…When crushed, sage-brush emits an odor which isn’t exactly magnolia and equally isn’t exactly polecat–but it is a sort of compromise between the two. Mark Twain

Sagebrush is often an undervalued habitat and described as “ugly” and “barren.” Yet Sagebrush is an iconic habitat of the west and covers millions of acres in Canada and the U.S. It is a habitat that some birds, including the Sage Thrasher, depend on. This plain bird is the smallest of the thrashers and has been dubbed the “mountain mockingbird” because of its melodious song. Loss of habitat as sagebrush is converted to rangeland, to urbanization, and to the spread of the invasive cheatgrass have caused this species to decline by over 50%. 

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