We are used to recycling plastic containers and can easily determine what our local recycling service will accept thanks to the symbols marked on the bottom.  When it comes to plastic wrap or film, however, whether or not—and where—we can recycle these items may not be as clear…and they are more likely to unnecessarily end up in the trash…and the ocean.  This category of plastic products includes not only the hopefully soon-to-be-vanquished plastic grocery and other retail bags, but also produce bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, food storage bags, stretch wrap, case wrap, product packaging wrap, dry cleaning bags, and air pillows.  Once you find a place to accept these, they must clean and dry before recycling.  However, a better approach is to avoid purchasing things which come in wrap.  Look for items without wrap, get your bread in paper bags, and have your newspaper put in a box where it won’t need to be bagged on rainy days.  Read more: plasticfilmrecycling.org  


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