Birding and Wildlife Trails exist in many countries, and have demonstrated how we can successfully connect communities with birds and their habitats in a way that benefits both people and our feathered friends. Avitourism – or birding ecotourism – has taken off as a concept and practice around the world. From Texas ( to Virginia, these trails have had a significant impact on the economy of local communities, encouraged improvements in birding amenities, and raised the profile and importance of birds and their conservation. Internationally, birding trails are under development from Costa Rica to the Caribbean ( Participating communities serve birders through providing lodging and meals, trail and site signing and maps, and associated birding infrastructure. If haven’t been on a birding trail, find one near you; if you don’t have a birding or wildlife trail in your state or country, get one started. It’s a win-win situation for all species, including ours!


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