We know that birds face many challenges as they migrate to their wintering grounds, but even after they arrive in the Neotropics, to join resident species for the winter, they face additional threats.  Because of the hemispheric range of many migratory birds, it is important that we understand where the limiting factors may be during their annual life cycle.  Monitoring these birds on their breeding grounds is important, but so is monitoring their overwintering survival.  The Institute for Bird Populations (https://www.birdpop.org/) has developed a program for monitoring Neotropical migrants in winter, Monitoreo de Sobrevivencia Invernal or MoSI.  Since 2002, the program has operated more than 200 stations in 15 countries, staffed by in-country volunteers.  Beyond the important data being collected, these banding stations also provide great training opportunities for young ornithologists and a way to connect to a network of people working on bird monitoring and conservation throughout the Americas.  There is always a need for mist nets and bird banding equipment for MoSI stations, so you can help support this effort by either making a donation or making room in your suitcase the next time you travel to the Neotropics to bring supplies for the local MoSI station!


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