Driving by agricultural fields, whether a small hobby farm, farm-to-table provider, or large industrial agriculture complex, you will notice plastic everywhere. It is used to wrap hay bales, cover crops, pipe water, hold produce, sack fertilizer, tag and stake plants, and for drip irrigation tape, pesticide containers, seed trays, and as mulch. The Southern Waste Information Exchange estimates that U.S. agriculture alone uses about a billion pounds of plastic annually. Isn’t it ironic that our efforts to bring fresh healthy food to our tables can have such a negative environmental impact through the prolific use of plastic? Sure, the plastic in agricultural operations has helped protect crops from weather, block UV, suppress weeds, conserve water, and increase yields, but it is time to find a way to reduce the use of plastic in the process of growing our food. Learn more about this challenge at: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/how-can-agriculture-solve-its-1-billion-plastic-problem


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