In 2019, the World Migratory Bird Day t-shirt is created from recycled plastic water bottles…at least 6 per shirt! With the beautiful art featured on the front, this certainly makes a statement about plastics (the image featured in this post is a test. The final shirt includes just one image of the art).

There are many ways you can dress with style and reduce the impacts of plastics at the same time. Companies that have committed to putting single-use plastics, such as water and soda bottles, to good use include:

  • Patagonia, which uses plastics to create it’s “puffy” coats. You can even sell your used Patagonia clothing back to the company, and they will recycle it into a new product;
  • Adidas, which is recycling plastics from the ocean to create athletic shoes;
  • Nike, which is making athletic shoes from plastic bottles;
  • Timberland, which is creating a variety of styles of shoes with plastics;
  • Stella McCartney, which has created a daypack from plastics.

Visit our website to get your World Migratory Bird Day 2019 shirt and make your statement about plastics and their impact on birds!




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