Every week it seems there are different instructions about how to recycle plastic. As new information and processes become available, these requirements change. It is critical to keep up with what your local recycling company or government recycling program requires. In an era when recycling efforts are at risk due to closure of international markets and higher costs, your role in doing the right thing takes on greater importance. For example, we used to think we should take off the caps, which are usually made of harder plastic, from plastic containers for kitchen, laundry or bath products, but some recycling systems may now request that customers replace the cap before recycling. Look up the recycling guidelines for your local trash company or sustainability department, to be sure you are doing things correctly. It is actually worse to do things the wrong way, or include items that are not recyclable, than to not recycle at all, because it contaminates other recyclables which may cause them to be put in the landfill…exactly what you were trying to avoid in the first place!


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