Do you know someone who has made exceptional contributions to the field of landbird conservation?  Consider nominating an individual or group for a Partners in Flight Award!  The landbird mission of Partners in Flight (PIF) is keeping common birds common and helping species at risk through voluntary partnerships.  Nominees are considered who have significantly furthered the mission of PIF and its goal of protecting priority migratory and resident landbirds and their habitats, and work anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.  They are evaluated in five award categories:  Leadership, Investigations, Public Awareness, Stewardship, and Lifetime Achievement.  To be eligible, projects or activities must have been initiated after 1990.  To learn about recent PIF awardees and their work, go to  Let that inspire you to think about someone you know who might be deserving!  Nomination forms for the 2018 PIF Awards (to be given out in 2019) will be available on the PIF website by late November, with a submission deadline of January 14, 2019.


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