Littering and trash greatly affect many species, but particularly birds. Trash can lead to the poisoning birds, blocking of digestive systems, and habitat loss. Minimizing the amount of waste you accumulate is an easy way to better the environment. Some tips on how to minimize waste are:

Reusing and recycling packaging products, like paper and plastic bags, string and wrapping paper, are, of course, obvious options. Take a look around you and try to figure out what other ways there are to manage packaging waste. Here are a few hints:

  • Buy in bulk. Buying lots of smaller packs generates more waste. Bulk purchasing saves money, too.
  • Always carry your own bags while shopping.
  • Try to buy loose products where available. For instance, in case of vegetables and fruits.
  • Opt for brands that have less packaging.
  • Avoid buying bottled water unless tap water in your area is unsafe for drinking.

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