Having made adjustments to our lifestyle to buy and use less plastic, we may look around our homes and start to feel better about the global plastic pollution crisis.  However, hidden from view are the plastics that are used in the construction of our houses and commercial buildings.  According to the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, which is based in the U.K., construction is the second largest consumer of plastics beyond retail.  If you read a construction industry website, you’ll likely see a long list of accolades about the benefits of plastics:  lightweight, durable, cost effective, able to be recycled, energy savings, safety, and ease of installation.  That’s why plastics are so heavily used in construction, from flooring, roofing, insulation, walls, pipes, windows, and doors to, of course, the packaging for all that.  But we can’t keep driving a market which promotes these troublesome materials.  Much research is needed to develop new construction products made without plastic, but there’s hope.  Read more at:  https://asbp.org.uk/


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