Most of us consider discarded tires as visual and chemical pollution on the landscape, and know that it’s best to have your local auto dealer take them for appropriate disposal when the tread is no longer safe. Tires contain not only natural rubber but also synthetic rubber polymers…or plastic. Have you ever thought about what happens when tires travel over pavement? The disturbing thing is that rolling tires leave small particles of plastic on the roadways, which then wash off into rivers and eventually the ocean. A 2017 report by the IUCN found that “between 15 and 31% of the estimated 9.5 m tonnes of plastic released into the oceans each year could be primary microplastics, almost two-thirds of which come from the washing of synthetic textiles and the abrasion of tyres while driving.” So, what can we do to make a difference? We obviously can’t live without car tires, but we can take good care of the ones we buy so they last as long as possible, through checking air pressure monthly and having regular tire rotation, balance, and alignment services as recommended.
Read the IUCN report:


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