The beach is always beckoning, no matter where you live. Summer holidays often focus on a trip to the shoreline, something which, in anticipation, conjures up beautiful and peaceful images. But many vacationers are shocked when they arrive to find the sand covered with plastic trash, washed out from the land and in from the ocean. When you plan your next visit to the water, include time not only for relaxation but also for a beach cleanup with your family or friends, or even the coastal community you live in. To make it easy, Environment for the Americas (EFTA) has put together an Organizer’s Guide with instructions on how to host a cleanup, along with activities for youth. There is also a Cleanup Kit, designed for either a family or group, which includes this guide as well as gloves, trash bags, and data collection sheets. EFTA is working with the Ocean Conservancy to collect this data to gain a better understanding of the types and numbers of plastic waste we find on our shorelines, and to raise awareness of this serious issue. Please help by leaving the beach better than how you found it! You can find these and other bird-friendly products at:


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