The great challenge of protecting migratory birds is the scale at which one must work, given the vast geographies these species use during their annual life cycles.  Fortunately, for the landbirds in Canada, Mexico, and the continental United States, there is a road map to help us understand what the issues and priorities are, and how we can tackle this challenge together.  The publication, Saving Our Shared Birds, Partners in Flight Tri-National Vision for Landbird Conservation, includes a “Call to Tri-National Action” to prevent further loss of bird diversity and abundance.  Six primary actions are recommended and explained:  1) protect and recover species at greatest risk, 2) conserve habitats and ecosystem functions, 3) reduce bird mortality, 4) expand our knowledge base for conservation, 5) engage people in conservation action, and 6) increase the power of international partnerships.  Take some time to read this important document, at, then plan how you can help implement it.  And make sure your agency, organization or community is aware of and dedicated to the conservation of migratory birds during their full annual cycle!


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