Have you ever wanted to know how many or which bird species have been documented in your state or country?  Or wanted to know how to report a rare bird in your area?  You might be in luck in having a local ornithological society, bird observatory, or bird club which is devoted to the study, conservation and enjoyment of birds and will have these answers.  These entities usually keep track of the official state or country “list” of bird species, and have a records committee which reviews reported sightings and determines if a species can be added to the list.  They may also host rare bird reports, offer grants for bird-related research and other types of projects, produce publications, schedule birding field trips, and hold annual meetings or conventions which serve both organizational and educational functions.  Just do a Google search for your area and see what turns up.  It could be a great way for you to connect with serious birders in your area and build your birding skills at the same time!


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