Human Dimensions in Bird Conservation

Date: February 13, 2018 Time: 12-1 PM (Pacific); 1-2 PM (Mountain); 2-3 PM (Central); 3-4 PM (Eastern)

The bird conservation community has increasingly recognized that conserving birds fundamentally involves humans. However, how and when these human dimensions should be integrated in conservation efforts is less clear. Luckily, the number of success stories where social science has been utilized to conserve birds has been steadily increasing along with social science capacity and expertise. In order to continue this social science integration, The Bird Conservation Plans Partnerships’ Unified Science Team (UST), has partnered with Human Dimensions (HD) representatives from North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI), North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a human dimensions in bird conservation webinar series. The goal of this series is to increase awareness and understanding of HD within the bird conservation community by providing an overview of current human dimensions efforts. Our hope is that this series will encourage continued conversations and future actions to integrate human dimensions in bird conservation planning and delivery. The initial series will include three webinars to be recorded and publicly available.

To tune in to any of the webinars, use this AdobeConnect link: Please note: Recent updates to Adobe Connect may require you to install a plug-in, so try the link in advance and be sure to test your connection beforehand! Audio: You can listen through your computer speakers OR use the teleconference number for audio:

Dial In: 1-877-953-1501     Participant Passcode: 3457210

Webinar #1: Introduction to HD in Bird Conservation Learn more about why HD is important to bird conservation and current efforts to increase HD knowledge, capacity, and integration within the bird conservation community.


Ashley Gramza, National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator (Virginia Tech/ NABCI)

Andy Raedeke, Resource Scientist (Missouri Department of Conservation/NAWMP)

Natalie Sexton, Human Dimensions Branch Chief (USFWS)



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