When hurricanes hit, we obviously think about the toll on human communities.  But birds can also be negatively impacted by hurricanes.  Because hurricane season in the Western Hemisphere is officially from June 1st to November 30th, this period covers both the summer breeding season and the period when migrants are moving to their wintering grounds.  During a hurricane, birds may be blown off course or killed outright, and the trees they used for nesting, roosting, and shelter may be stripped of leaves or destroyed, eliminating the insects, flowers, fruit, and seeds critical to the survival of birds.  Some resident populations which are already threatened by habitat loss, like endemic parrots, may be pushed to the brink.  Even if you don’t live where hurricanes hit, you can donate to organizations such as BirdsCaribbean, which help with on-the-ground recovery efforts for birds by providing feeders, food, and birdhouses, and restoring habitat.


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