At least in the western parts of the U.S., the drier yet still warm fall days can be perfect for exploring the possibility of solar power for your house, even if you aren’t planning to implement anything until next year.  Distributed solar, installed on individual homes, has a low (and positive!) impact on the environment, compared with large solar facilities that might be built on, and transmission lines that might cross, sensitive landscapes.  Check with the solar companies that service your area to see what might work for your home.  They often offer free consultations, even an on-site evaluation of your residence and energy use, and can help advise about local regulations, tax credits and other incentives, and costs.  See if your city or county has a “Sustainability Department” which can be an excellent source of information and assistance, to get you past the “But, I don’t know…” phase.  Just think of the savings you’ll have and how good you’ll feel to take control of your energy generation!


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