If there is a young family member who is even slightly interested in the birds in your backyard or neighborhood park, and has a birthday this summer, consider a gift of binoculars.  There is nothing more certain to advance the hobby and skills of birdwatching than to be able to look at birds up close, not by proximity but through optics!  The available choices of binocular brands and models can be overwhelming, with considerations of price, quality, clarity, brightness, focus, etc.  Certainly, more serious birders will want to try out their birding friends’ favorites or the latest and greatest on the market.  But for both youth and those who work with youth in outdoor settings, an easy step is to obtain an Educator’s Kit from Environment for the Americas, which includes Kingbird 6.5 x 32 binoculars from Eagle Optics along with bird field guides (http://www.environmentamericas.org/product/binoculars/).  Then, go out and enjoy!



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