Whether you are planning for next year’s World Migratory Bird Day events on the breeding grounds or are celebrating migratory birds right now on the wintering grounds, there are many ways to reach the public to inspire them about the winged travelers we love. We often think of events as being focused around a bird walk, bird count, students in the classroom or on a field trip, or a formal presentation, but there are many other forms of outreach which can be even more effective. First, of course, you must know your audience and how to reach them, but you should also make it fun. The best forum for sharing your love of birds and the importance of bird conservation could be through methods the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival and Rare have used—bird mascots (https://www.rare.org/pride), church services, radio and television interviews (bilingual), street parades, fairs, information booths, drama, and art competitions.   Give it your organization’s own creative twist!


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