There are so many important issues facing society that sometimes it seems silly to stand up for birds.  But birds make important contributions to humans—through their beauty, song, artistic inspiration, pollination, seed dispersal, control of insects and small mammals, consumption of decaying carcasses, and as indicators of environmental change.  So they deserve and need all the attention we can give them!  One way to give voice to your concern about what is happening to birds is to express yourself through various media.  Take the time to write a blog online about some cool birding experience you’ve had, a great place people can go see birds, or a bird conservation issue threatening birds such as habitat destruction through inappropriate proposals for development, wind farms, or transmission lines.  You can also write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or submit a comment to your government representatives.  Write up local events which focus on bird conservation, and make birds a focus of your social media posts.  People will be uplifted by seeing photos of our beautiful feathered friends, and will appreciate thinking about something positive they can do!


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