Fall migration can be a longer event than in the spring, which means there is more time on the calendar to enjoy this natural spectacle.   Some groups of birds, such as hawks, are easier to watch during migration because they concentrate along routes and at certain sites during their annual journeys.  Because of this dependable phenomenon, there are “hawk watch” stations where you can observe them moving through, and September is a great time to participate.   Some memorable places to view these birds moving south include Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Minnesota, New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Hawkwatch, Holiday Beach Migration Observatory in Ontario, Gulf Coast Bird Observatory’s Smith Point Hawk Watch in Texas, and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.  Associated with Hawk Mountain is a famous hawk watching site in Veracruz, Mexico, where a “River of Raptors,” up to 100,000 a day, can be witnessed.  Regardless of which site you visit, you can observe them just for fun…or you might get hooked and become a volunteer hawk watcher counting the different species in the highway in the sky!


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