How many products do we think we are doing the right thing by buying only to discover they are actually not good for the environment? Out of concern and conviction, more people around the globe are avoiding the purchase of plastic products, but how many of the paper products we replace them with are still lined or coated with plastic? Even if made primarily from plant fibers, many brands of paper plates, hot and cold drinking cups, milk and juice cartons, and take-away containers have a plastic coating. This makes them a contributor to the huge issue of microplastics, which are not only hazardous to our health but can also be consumed by birds and other wildlife and result in their starvation. The use of plastic coating on paper products also means these items may not be able to be recycled, and they can contaminate compost. Scrutinize all paper products to ensure that they don’t contain plastic, and avoid buying the ones that do. Read more at:


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