People are the power behind conservation, the voices for birds and other wildlife that cannot speak for themselves.  Working together within our countries and across national boundaries, we can do much to help protect the habitats these species need to survive, given the accelerating threats they face.  But, then, we are also part of the problem.  Perhaps the most difficult and delicate issue to broach when talking about the conservation of wildlife is the impact of the human population on the earth’s biosphere.  As we try to comprehend and reckon with the reality of having 7.6 billion (and counting) people in the world, we also have a moral imperative as conservationists to acknowledge and talk about this issue, along with our level of consumption.  Caring about birds means caring about their habitats and the communities around the globe that share these habitats.  It is in the best interest of all living things to make this a more comfortable, and necessary, conversation so we can start to tackle this elephant in the room, the single greatest challenge facing all species including our beloved birds.  Luckily, we can all be part of the solution.


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