Luckily for all of us who enjoy watching birds, there are many dedicated ornithologists—people who study birds—who work throughout the hemisphere year round to conserve these species.  Whether out in the field doing research to learn more about what birds need or in the classroom teaching children about why birds matter, these professionals all require equipment and other resources to do this important job.  Your extra pair of binoculars, or bird field guides such as Sibley or National Geographic, could find a home in other countries where they can be put to good use.  Check with your local bird organization or Audubon chapter to see if they have a relationship with another country and can connect with international ornithologists who may appreciate having these items.  If you don’t have extra optical equipment around the house, you can make a financial donation to a non-profit organization like Optics for the Tropics ( that obtains and then provides free binoculars and spotting scopes to those who need them.  And if you are based in Latin America or the Caribbean and need optical equipment for your bird work, you can apply for a donation of equipment at this same website.


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