The summer barbequing season has already started, so it’s a good time to think about what you use in this effort and also what set your table with. Given the hot temperatures required, your grill and cooking utensils have to be made of metal, but everything else on the table can be plastic free too! Start with a fabric picnic tablecloth, that red-and-white checkered one (with matching cloth napkins) that has been in the bottom of the linen closet forever. Bring easily washable metal silverware and trays, wooden serving spoons, durable cups and plates, fiber baskets, and condiments in glass bottles. Remember, foil is your friend; after use, it can be washed/dried, and reused or recycled. To keep the flies off food items, you can cover them with natural beeswax-coated cloth wrap products (available from Abeego at


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