Protecting from breakage is obviously a main concern for producers in getting their eggs safely to market and into the hands of consumers. It seems like some grocery store chains are going back to Styrofoam containers for selling their eggs, instead of paper-pulp cartons. This is not a good trend! What you want is molded paperboard or cardboard egg cartons made from recycled newspapers and reclaimed fibers, which are 100% recyclable and compostable. These protect the eggs just fine if handled carefully, so why would we want to go back to something made of polystyrene which is not recyclable? Be sure to shop for your eggs where they are not packaged in plastic, and if possible get them directly from your local farmer or Farmer’s Market…then ask if you can bring back their egg container to refill the next week. And before you abandon that store selling eggs in Styrofoam containers, be sure to talk to or write the store manager as to why you’re going elsewhere for your eggs!


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