World Migratory Bird Day for 2018 has celebrated the “Year of the Bird,” with 365 days of bird conservation.  To help you play an important role in protecting birds, we have provided a year of actions in this Conservation Calendar, which you have made a commitment to take part in.  These actions have ranged from celebrating birds through education and outreach events, learning more about birds and what they need to survive, adopting environmentally-friendly habits, creating bird-friendly yards and communities, participating in citizen science and restoration efforts, supporting bird conservation organizations and legislation, reducing threats to birds, and broadening your perspective to the whole Western Hemisphere which our shared birds use, to simply getting out into nature with friends and family to appreciate the beauty and sounds of birds which so enrich our lives.  Now, on this last day of the Year of the Bird, and with 2019 upon us, you can make a New Year’s resolution to continue to take these actions…to make a difference for birds, every day in every way, to ensure that we can all continue to enjoy them in perpetuity.


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