Have you ever thought about starting, or changing to, a career in ornithology, bird conservation, or bird education and outreach?  Where would you begin?  Internships, which are available to college students, provide great opportunities for gaining experience towards securing future employment with federal land management agencies and non-profit conservation organizations.  Those seeking to do research or monitoring of bird populations can take specialized training, such as for bird banding, to become more competitive for seasonal field positions (https://www.birdpop.org/pages/birdBanderTraining.php).  Now is the time to plan for opportunities next year, to explore the possibilities and get resumes ready.  Check http://ornithologyexchange.org/jobs/ to learn about or post available positions.  If you’re in a different occupation but still want to contribute to bird conservation, local conservation groups, such as Audubon, can provide a forum for learning and sharing information about birds and the challenges they face, and for participation in citizen science efforts like bird counts and other volunteer efforts.  There cannot be too many people in this field, as the need is so great!


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