It is fun watching birds at your feeder, but keeping feeders clean is one way you can help to conserve birds. Dirty feeders may spread diseases, such as avian pox and salmonella. Some diseases kill birds rapidly, while others cause growths on the beak and feet, affecting their ability to perch and feed.

  • Cleaning your feeders at least once each month will help to protect birds from disease and is simple. Just follow these steps:
  • add a teaspoon of liquid soap to a bucket of water large enough for your feeder to be immersed.
  • Soak the feeder in the solution for ten minutes.
  • Use a brush or other cleaning material to remove any dirt.
  • Rinse the feeder with clean water.
  • Empty the bucket and fill it with 4 cups of vinegar and clean water. Soak for one hour.
  • Rinse the feeder one last time and refill with seed.


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