Shorebirds have some of the longest migrations of any group of birds.  Although many shorebirds may seem a bit dull and similar in coloration and therefore challenging to identify, shorebirds make up for it with their spectacular long-distance migrations from the Arctic to the tip of South America.  Along the way, in sites rich in invertebrates such as coastal and freshwater wetlands, they concentrate during migration and weave a magical spell over anyone lucky enough to watch their synchronous flock formations.   To learn more about shorebirds and their conservation, you can participate in World Shorebirds Day, which coincides with a Global Shorebird Count held September 5-11, 2018.  Join the celebration and learn how to better identify and help count this declining group of birds.  And if you are a teacher, there is an exciting opportunity to involve students in shorebird conservation through the Shorebird Sister Schools Program (see


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