In this frantic world, more and more people are succumbing to the ease of having groceries delivered to their house to spare an errand on the way home from work.  If you have ever received a grocery delivery, you will know that in making that choice one loses control over the more environmentally friendly shopping that getting your own groceries affords.  If you order a delivery of fruits or vegetables, for example, you will find banana bunches may come in a plastic bag, apples may be in a hard plastic clam shell container to protect each individual piece of fruit, and vegetables are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic film.  If you went to the store yourself, none of this plastic packaging would be necessary or used, plus you would be sure to get the level of ripeness of that banana or avocado that you need.  The same issues apply to the growing trend of ordering whole meals for home delivery, where every item or ingredient is packaged in separate single-use plastic.  So, even if you were starting to think this new grocery or meal delivery option is a great idea for your busy life, think hard about the environmental impact it has and whether the convenience is worth the cost to our planet.


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