This year is all about the plastics per our World Migratory Bird Day theme, “Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution” and we’ve talked a lot about plastic. But maybe we should talk about some plastics that are especially bad for you and why. Plastics are labeled #1-7 for their uses and recycling ability. The worst and most dangerous plastics are #3 (Polyvinyl Chloride) which contains lead and phthalates used in plastic wrap, squeeze bottles, peanut butter jars and children’s toys, #6 (Polystyrene) which contains a toxin dangerous for the brain and nervous system used in Styrofoam and plastic cutlery, and #7 (Polycarbonate) which contains bisphenol A used in metal food can liners, drink bottles and other containers. It’s important to choose products that come in BPA free packaging and do your own research. Plastics are not only harmful in the ocean or as micro-plastics but as normal packaging, too.


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