We all want to support renewable energy, but you have probably heard that how inland wind farms may negatively impact birds is mostly about “location, location, location.”  Wind energy development can also occur at the shoreline, near-shore and offshore.  While offshore wind farms have existed off the coastlines of Europe for many years, they are starting to show up in, and be proposed for, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Local non-governmental conservation organizations, especially those involved with birds, are scrambling to compile data to determine how these installations might negatively impact both migratory birds passing through the area and also resident birds which use these marine and coastal habitats.  While the pursuit of renewable energy sources is important for these countries, and the world, it is also critical that planning for them should integrate the latest science available about how migratory birds may be impacted.  And if the science isn’t there, we need to support entities which are trying to gather this important data.  Otherwise, we may be losing many birds as they move through the obstacle course of offshore wind farms, birds that will never make it back to their breeding grounds to perpetuate the species.


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