The challenging process of replacing plastic in manufacturing is an evolving one, dependent on the ingenuity and determination of those who are concerned about plastic pollution and want to inspire a sea change in how we produce goods.  One example is about a product almost everyone owns—a cell phone case.  These cases are usually made of a very hard plastic, polycarbonate, and can also be made of polyurethane.  But a Canadian company, Open Mind Developments, has created the Pela Case, manufactured from a biodegradable and compostable plant-based biopolymer called Flaxstic™, which is made of flax fiber.  According to the company, “Flax fiber is lightweight, strong, and has natural shock-absorbing qualities.  Saskatchewan grows the most oilseed flax in the world and the flax straw is often seen as waste and burned because it is too difficult to breakdown in the field.  Flaxstic™ is a combination of flax straw ‘waste’, plant-based biopolymers, and recycled materials.”  You can also get cell phone cases made of metal and leather if you are not as adventuresome, but it’s always good to support new “green” materials.  Read more at:


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