If you’re trying to do the right thing about plastics, it might not occur to you to think about what you wear. When we’re shopping for clothes we often don’t consider what they’re made of, just what colors and patterns are to our liking. But it’s worth spending the time to read the manufacturer’s label, attached or printed somewhere on the garment. You may discover that many fabrics are made of synthetic material, or in other words, plastics. And this is what you might find your favorites are made of: fleece jacket – polyester; rain shell – polyvinylchloride; tights – lycra/spandex; flip flops – polyurethane; sweater – acrylic; socks – nylon. It can be overwhelming once you start to read the fine print, but remember: 1) the synthetics you have in your closet can be worn until you’re tired of them, then be donated to a thrift store; 2) there are many non-plastic options for clothing you want to purchase, such as organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen and bamboo; 3) look for products that are made of at least some percentage of recycled content; and 4) some companies will even recycle their worn out clothing items, like Patagonia, or repair items so they don’t end up in the landfill, like Chaco. Read more: https://www.patagonia.com/recycling.html and chacos.com/rechaco


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