As you start planning your family’s Spring Break vacation, don’t forget to factor in how you can pack to reduce the use of plastic. Bring reusable water bottles, such as metal, which can go through security empty then be refilled afterwards in transit and at your destination. Pack plenty of travel snacks in reusable, washable containers and avoid purchasing snacks along the way which are packaged in plastic…and bring reusable utensils so you can decline the plastic ones meals regularly come with. Bring all your toiletries needed for the trip and don’t depend on buying items while on travel; not only will this save you money, but it will also keep you from picking up single-use plastic items. Always bring a reusable compact cloth bag (or two) for shopping during your trip, whether for food or souvenirs to take home. And resist the advertisements for new plastic luggage on the market; your old cloth luggage will do just fine and will stand out against all the plastic luggage on the baggage carousel. Lastly, tie some leather luggage tags on your baggage; you might think they’re old-fashioned and expensive, but they’ll last much longer than those cheap plastic tags which break easily. In the end, you’ll find it’s not as hard as you think to travel without plastic!
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