Bird Day 2015

Restore habitat, restore birds


The annual International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) conservation theme is an important part of the program, providing you with specific messages and information about birds and their conservation. This theme is selected by a team of biologists and educators, with input from the general public and IMBD host organizations.

Loss and degradation of habitat are primary threats to bird populations. The 2015 IMBD theme, Restore Habitat, Restore Birds, considers threats, such as urbanization and climate change, and suggests ways to get involved in habitat restoration projects at home, in communities, and further afield. Each habitat illustrated on the 2015 poster provides a colorful view of a few of the places migratory birds seek for nesting, wintering, or as stopover sites during migration.


Featuring a colorful array of watercolor images, the 2015 IMBD art depicts birds dependent on the 5 habitats selected to represent the 2015 conservation theme: Restore Habitat, Restore Birds.


Providing both illustration and graphic design, Amelia Hansen has been an independent professional artist since 1989, specializing in natural science subjects and their connections to people. Her strong interest in science has grown into a broad background knowledge which is invaluable both in creating accurate illustrations and in communicating with clients.